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Frustrated with losing weight fast on some crash diet only to gain it all back?


Sick of meal plans, food scales and life limiting dietary restrictions?


Ready for someone to help you discover the methods of eating and training that work uniquely for you? 



Integrative Health Coach
Natural Pro Figure Athlete
B.S | C.P.T

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What you can expect from AFS Coaching

No matter your fitness goal or level of experience, AFS Coaching can help!​ I work with men and women of all levels, from all backgrounds, and with varying health and fitness goals. In working with me you will eat better, become stronger, finally be able to ditch the fad diets and food rules, and most importantly, learn to achieve and maintain your goals no matter what life throws at you.​

AFS Coaching provides virtual coaching and fitness programming that’s customized to fit your ability level, schedule, goals, and equipment availability. As a result of having every aspect of your program designed uniquely for you, you will finally be able to enjoy real, lasting change that feels easier than ever before.

I believe very firmly in using both science AND experience to coach my clients, and my methods are a blending of my education, proven research, and my own experience as both a coach and athlete. The result is that in working with me you'll know exactly how to navigate your own food choices and make decisions about your health and lifestyle.

No unrealistic extremes, no difficult diets and no limited or restrictive meal plans! It's my passion to help guide you to a way of eating that you actually enjoy and that fits your life -- one that takes into account your likes, dislikes, preferences, tendencies, eating history, and budget. I have clients who track macros, clients who don't weigh a single thing they eat, and clients who focus solely on weight loss through behavior and lifestyle change. Together we will find the method that BEST SUITS YOU!

One-on-one guidance and support. I am available, via email, six days a week for support, accountability, questions and concerns. My virtual coaching system provides you with a reliable foundation to help ensure that you achieve the best results of your life. You will also have unlimited access to a closed FB group comprised of other AFS Coaching participants for even more motivation and encouragement!

It is my mission is to help the men and women I work with see all the possibilities for their life and body, and to provide research-driven, body-positive coaching to help them achieve their goals. I offer a variety of programs and payment options to help make coaching as accessible as possible for anyone who is ready to claim responsibility for their health and their body.