Meet Allison

Child of God, Board Certified Integrative Health Coach,  & Natural Figure Pro

My Story

Welcome to Revive Wellness! My name is Alli and I help empower women to confidently gain control of their health using a gut centered approach to metabolism, wellness and weight loss. It’s my mission to equip and empower my clients so that they can live a vibrant life, becoming all God has created them to be.


My background is in Sport Science. I initially  studied at Millersville University in Lancaster PA, with a minor in wellness. Upon graduation I worked as the Director of Personal Training at a corporate health facility, and then subsequently at a commercial gym.


Throughout my time working in a gym setting I realized the great failing of personal training was that trainers were not able to address the lifestyle and nutritional components of their clients lives, which are so crucial to health, wellbeing, weight loss, and life transformation. 


Eager to offer my clients more then just exercise prescription, I left my commercial gym job in 2008 and launched my own online training and nutrition company, then called Allí-Fitness Systems.


Initially, I worked mostly with other athletes, specializing in contest prep for natural bodybuilders and figure competitors such as myself.


However, as I encountered my own struggles with disordered eating, metabolic dysfunction, gut health and hormone balance over the years, I began to be more and more interested in helping individuals who were experiencing similar struggles.


This led me to become a Precision Nutrition L2 coach, complete a naturopathy mentorship, and to acquire several other certifications to further my knowledge. 


Then in 2020 I went back to school, studying integrative health and nutrition at the oldest nutrition school in the country, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. In June of 2021 I passed my board exams and became an IAHC board certified Integrative health coach. I hold additional coursework in gastrointestinal and hormone health.


I am also a professional drug free, natural figure competitor. I have competed for 17 years in 30 shows, including three appearances and three top five finishes at the World Class level in natural bodybuilding. 

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My life's purpose, is to be the kind of coach for my clients, that I wish I would've had access to when I was struggling. Being a CHC allows me to combine my passion for health with a genuine love for service to others. It enables me to help others experience the same healing power of a gut centered holistic approach to health that I have experienced in my own life. 


I have used natural and nutritional interventions not just to achieve elite conditioning as a professional bodybuilder, but also to help reverse my “unexplained” hormonal imbalances, bring balance to my disordered relationship with food and eating, recover my metabolism, treat my subclinical hypothyroidism, and overcome years of digestive issues.


Although difficult at times, each and every one of my challenging health struggles has better equipped me to be able to serve and support others on their own path to health and healing.


I currently work one on one with clients all over the world.