Integrative Health Consultations

This is your chance to speak, one-on-one with me, about any topic related to nutrition, training, digestion, hormone balance, health, motivation and more!


If you are suffering with a current health condition or struggle with symptoms from digestive distress or hormonal imbalances and are not be able to afford my premium coaching or don’t need continued accountability- this is a great option!


Offered via phone or Telehealth, consultations are also great for those who have plateaued in their health and fitness journey, who want nutrition, lifestyle or training education or advice but do not want to commit to monthly coaching.

  • Includes a 60 min comprehensive assessment and a personalized care plan 

  • Recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you feel your best and find thriving in life

  • Access to my exclusive clinician only supplement dispensary!

  • Access to my at-home certified lab testing with 10% off!

  • Exclusive handouts formulated for your needs

Your Health Investment: 

Telehealth: $225 for 60 minutes , $125 for 30 minute follow-ups

Phone: $200 for 60  minutes, $100 for 30 minute follow-ups