Contest Prep

Preparing for a physique competition can be daunting. I have been helping athletes step on stage for over 14 years, and have over 15 years experience as a competitive physique athlete, figure pro, and a 3x Natural World Championship competitor.  My contest prep program offers all-inclusive guidance for competition in all classes and divisions. Whether you are a first time competitor or a seasoned athlete looking for a second set of eyes, my programming will cover everything you will need to be successful.

What you get:

  • Initial client intake and in depth fitness assessment.​

  • Comprehensive customized nutrition program

  • Strategic supplementation guidelines to maximize your contest prep results 

  • Customized training program

  • Customized cardio program 

  • Adjustments to programming based on weekly checkins and bio-feedback **We will begin with weekly checkins and move to daily checkins as needed and as the show approaches

  • Guidance on posing, tanning, and planning for your show

  • Peak week guidance and support​ **text messaging included

  • Reverse diet instructions included to minimize post competition rebound

  • Unlimited access via email

Your Investment: 

Contest Prep is available in a month-to-month installment plan at a flat rate of $250 a month.

Your first month includes the cost of your initial assessment and program design ($125).