Premium+ Coaching


Premium+ Coaching offers the highest level of support, guidance and communication. This program includes weekly zoom or phone checkins and unlimited access to me 24/7 through phone, text, or email. Additional support is offered through access to my private Facebook Group!

A personalized approach

This program includes:

  • a personalized nutritional strategy (macros, portions, or meal plan)

  • A fully customized training program

  • Personalized success plan

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Collaborative care with an existing PCP, FMD, Naturopath or other healthcare specialist

Deep Health Dive

The Premium+ Coaching program utilizes an integrative, whole person approach to health relying on nutritional therapy, lifestyle intervention and natural healing methods. Additionally this program has a strong emphasis on gut, endocrine and metabolic health. This program is ideal for individuals who are ready to get to the root of chronic health or weight loss issues.

Discounts on Clinical Grade Supplements

All Premium+ Coaching clients enjoy 10% off clinical grade supplements through my clinician's dispensary!

Testing Costs Included

This program includes foundational functional and integrative tests I rely on in my practice: DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS GI MAP ($450), ZRT Diurnal Cortisol/Stress Test ($112) and a ZRT Saliva Hormone/Tyroid Panel ($300).. If additional testing  is required throughout our time together it won't cost you anything. Your monthly program rate is all you'll pay!

A Path to Success

Premium+ Coaching provides a clear path to success. Weekly checkins through Zoom or phone allow you and I the opportunity to speak about your journey, assess progress, and make any adjustments necessary along the way to ensure your success.

Premium+ Coaching Subscription Enrollment

Your health investment: $925 for the first month, $850 a month billed every 4 weeks thereafter. You may cancel your coaching subscription at anytime with a written 30 day notification.

Premium+ Coaching Discounted Packages

Premium+ coaching packages are offered in 6 and 12 month options.S ave $90 with 6 months of coaching. Save $300 with 12 months. Enrollment fee is waived for an additional $75 off. To purchase please select your option below.