I’ve done all the diets and worked with several coaches, but EEN is what I will be doing for life. Allison does such a good job educating you about food. She keeps things so simple and coaches the basics, laying a foundation of quality habits you can use for your lifetime.


Allison is the first coach I’ve had who didn’t make me feel like I was “bad” if I struggled. With other coaches I always felt like a failure if I ate the wrong foods but EEN helped me realize that there are no wrong foods. Allison never made me feel judged over foods I ate and she also helped me to stop judging myself based on what I ate.


Allison’s approach is empowering, for real. Like she taught me how to weigh the pros and cons of my choices and decide for myself instead of just telling me what to do. At first that was scary but then it was amazing. I have lost over 30 lbs without once feeling restricted. I learned how to make the best choices for me, for my body and my goals and no one else’s.


What is "Empowered Eating?"

If you hear the word “diet” what comes to mind? Probably restriction. Rules. Feeling deprived. All the cants- right? Can’t have the cake. Can’t have the pizza.


After over a decade of coaching I know that diets for weight loss don’t work. But I also acknowledge that nutrition plays a crucial role in our health, weight and wellbeing.


Empowered Eating bridges the gap between obsessively struggling to stick to a meal plan and eating whatever you want, whenever you want without an afterthought.




By giving you the power to choose.


Empowered Eating isn’t about what you can’t eat, it’s about what you choose to eat.


It’s not, “I can’t eat that” it’s “I choose to eat this.”


I believe that understanding and exercising your power of choice is the key to both fat loss and food freedom. This is why typical diets- with all their rules and restrictions, food labels and food guilt,- fail. They take away our power to choose.


The word diet actually just means "a way of eating". It is the foods that someone chooses to eat.

We associate the word diet with being or feeling restricted because that’s what society tells us, but if a diet is just a way of eating, then you get to define what that way of eating looks like for you.


That’s not restrictive- that’s empowering.


When you eat from a position of empowerment you are making choices from a position of authority and self control. To empower literally means to equip and enable, which is exactly what my coaching offers you. The chance to be in the drivers seat of your own diet design.


I created the Empowered Eating Nutrition framework to guide clients away from restrictive diets by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to make the best choices for their body and their goals.


Empowered Eating will change the way you view food, and will provide you with everything you need to evolve from a chronic dieter to an empowered eater, for life. 

Healthy Food

Who decided kale was "good" and cake was "bad"?

Life is too short to keep living under someone else's food rules.

It's time to start writing your own.

Nutrition was always the hardest part of the puzzle for me because there's so much conflicting information and I always felt like I did t know what to do. Allisons approach is one that has worked for me because she has a structure in place that makes logging my food, checking in, and asking questions when I needed so easy. I loved having all of the guesswork I always had trouble with removed.


Okay so I never thought I’d have been able to lose over 60 pounds by not counting my calories, ever. I struggled at first to not obsess over macros and calories but Allison was so supportive and encouraging. She gave me the confidence I needed, and as the weeks passed I realized I was losing weight without feeling like I was trying. The best part is, she’s given me the tools I need to be able to do this for life.


I have been a chronic dieter my whole life and I needed something different. My goal wasn’t to lose weight, it was to get to a better place mentally. I was so sick of either dieting but thinking about all the food I wished I could eat, or eating all the food I wanted but thinking about what I’d have to do to burn it all off when I was done. Allison helped me learn to nourish my body instead of deprive it. I can’t recommend her enough.


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